Our Farm’s Story

Heaven Hill Farm has come a long way since it was first established in 1982 as a roadside fruit and vegetable stand in Vernon, NJ. Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, the 365-acre farm was purchased in 1961 by the Theobald family from John Fox a local cattle farmer. The Theobalds raised beef cows into the late 1970s, at which time they sold off the cattle as the beef business had become unsustainable.

Following in his parents farming footsteps, Martin Theobald began growing produce and in 1982, he set up a roadside tent where he sold his harvest. Through the years, as the business grew, Theobald purchased an additional 7 acres adjacent to the family farm where he erected a greenhouse and the barn which began Heaven Hill Farm. As demand grew for farm fresh produce, flowers and plants, more greenhouses were added for the retail production.

Why choose Heaven Hill Farm

  • The Farmers Market at Heaven Hill Farm features locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, jams and more
  • Homemade ice cream and Italian Ices
  • Our bakery features homemade, fresh baked, ready to eat baked goods including pies
  • 4 Greenhouses filled with organically raised vegetables & herbs, annuals, houseplants, and seasonal decor

  • Mulch, hay, play-sand, and propane tank refills
  • Our Great Pumpkin Festival is the Largest Fall Festival in Northern New Jersey

Meet the Staff