Organic Gardening Lecture

with step by step guide for composting

with Lisbeth Ryan

Heaven Hill Farm & Garden Center

Organic Gardening Lecture, Saturday May 6, 2023 at 11am

Fee: $10, preregistration is required
All participants will receive a $5 gift card to Heaven Hill Farm.

Organic Gardening Lecture Workshop – Organic gardening is more than simply avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It is about observing nature’s processes, and emulating them in your garden as best you can. And the most important way to do that is to understand the makeup of your soil and to give it what it needs. If anything could be called a ‘rule’ in organic gardening, it’s this: feed the soil, not the plant.

Topics to include:
  • What makes a plant organic ? What to look  for when purchasing plants or seeds
  • What are the benefits of organic gardening, health benefits , environmental etc
  • Organic and sustainable Soil amendments and soil builder. What to look for in an organic soil amendment and what not to use,
  • Compost , Compost , Compost.. one of the best ( and most organic)
  • Ways to fertilize your garden. Step by step recipe to create the best compost ever. Compost on the ground verses container .
  • Organic plant food, what to look for and what to avoid.
  • Natural pest control , ways to eliminate pests and still keep your garden organic. How to get rid of insects naturally, organic sprays verses barrier.

To register for this or any other program please call Heaven Hill Farm 973-764-5144