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Herb Workshop

Join us Saturday June 9, 2018 at 11am for our Herb Workshop

Beyond the Sauce- Part II

Inspired by Ancient tradition such as the Native American Medicine Wheel, this workshop will be a more in-depth look at herbs and plants and how to use them to take control of your health and general well-being, naturally and simply.

Topics will include:

  • Indigenous / native approach to healing (mind-body-spirit)
  • Understanding the spirit of herbs and medicines
  • Adaptogens -plant and herbs with very specific wellness and preventive benefits such as anti-inflammatories
  • Foraging/plant identification
  • Herbal harvesting
  • Drying techniques and storage tips
  • Making medicinal teas and more
  • Simple ways to go green around the house with cleaners, pest control, scenting, decorating & more
  • Herbal food and drink recipes
  • Herbs for aromatherapy and cleansing

One of our guest speakers will be Eric Marmolejo, an elder of the Yaqui Indian tribe

The cost for the class is $10 per person. Participants will each receive $10 in Heaven Hill Farm credit.

Pre-registration is encouraged.