Gardening 101, How to Grow a successful Garden

Tips for vegetable and flower gardens

with Lisbeth Ryan

Heaven Hill Farm & Garden Center

Gardening 101 Lecture, Saturday April 29, 2023 at 11am

Fee: $10, preregistration is required
All participants will receive a $5 gift card to Heaven Hill Farm.

Topics to include

  • When to get started.
  • Location ,ideal location for optimum sunlight.
  • Guidelines for traditional garden verses raised beds, Pros and cons.
  • Soil amendment , what to add to your soil for better production.
  • Planning your layout, tall plants verses low plants , spacing , light conditions , how to group your plants, etc.
  • Timing , when to plant what and staggering your planting throughout the season.
  • How to care for you Garden! fertilizing, weeding and watering, Pest control, insect and animal, fencing.
  • Winter garden storage.

To register for this or any other program please call Heaven Hill Farm 973-764-5144