What happens if it rains on the date of my ticket?

Heaven Hill Farm will update our Facebook Page if the weather forces us to cancel our event for the day.

All current ticket holders for the day will receive an email with a voucher code.

Ticket holders will use the Voucher Code at checkout to book a new date and time.

Alternatively, you can change your ticket in the Attendee Account Center.

  1. Visit the Attendee Account Center: https://heavenhillfarm.account.webconnex.com/login
  2. Click “Claim My Account”
  3. Enter the email you used to purchase your tickets, then click “Send me the link”
  4. Check your email, click “Activate your account” link, and set your password
  5. Click the “Tickets” tab, then “View Details”
  6. Click “Edit”, change the date/time and then click “Save”

Do you have a Voucher from a previous season?

Please fill out the Voucher Form (https://forms.gle/DvACFQgRMKT557aTA) if you have rain voucher/ticket from a previous year and would like to request a ticket to the current year.

Note: submitting this form does not guarantee you will be issued a voucher for a new date/time. Our team reviews each request individually and will respond with the status via email to the email address provided below.

Ticket vouchers will only be issued for dates at least 7 days from the time of the request.